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About us

We offer a turn-key solution in which every aspect of your loss recovery and total restoration is planned and managed.

In an industry with multiple parties and competing interests, you can count on one thing from Speedy Restore.



Qualifications & Experience

Speedy Restore has a long history of successfully running the largest of losses including medical facilities, high rises, shopping malls, school systems, and public buildings.

Insurance Reimbursement Process

We work with your adjuster and insurance company on a ‘’notify as we go’’ basis to ensure reimbursement for services and we will always use the most current insurance standard software for pricing.

Insurance Agent

Solvency & Credit Worthiness

We are a debt-free company. We ‘’pay as we grow’’ and being debt-free takes undue pressure off of your project.

Process Validation & Documentation

This is what governs the reimbursement process. It’s a detailed accounting of everything required for total restoration and the justification for all decisions made. Our detailed reporting is second to none.

Accounting Documents
Workers with Safety Vests

Safety Management

Often ignored in the ER industry, safety of all parties stepping foot on your property is of paramount importance. Speedy Restore is built on a foundation of safety.

Image by Scott Graham

Line Item Estimates & Billing

We ensure fairness in pricing by utilizing industry-recognized software and T&M pricing schedules. Your final invoice will be line-item detailed for your insurance company’s review.

Quality Control

This is another area often overlooked in the emergency response industry. Speedy Restore has designated QC experts who validate our conformance to standards and specifications. You will receive our QC findings and reports.

Revewing Graphs
Crane lifting on construction site

Equipment & Resources

In a large disaster situation, equipment and resources become extremely scarce. Our equipment inventory includes thousands of pieces of portable and large equipment.

Crane lifting on construction site

Appropriate Licensing

Compliance to state laws and regulations is a must. Request proof of our licensing prior to signing a contract.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 3.08.17 PM.png

Diversified Capabilities

Our specialized training in air quality, infectious control, OSHA HAZWOPER, water damage, mitigation, mold remediation, fire and smoke restoration, disaster response, and building science ensure that we can meet all of your needs.

Security Surveillance
Security Surveillance

Risk Transference

We understand that one of our key responsibilities is the shield you from risk. We do this by securing your property and thoroughly vetting all persons and/or sub-contractors who enter.

Contents Preservation

Antiques, electronics, documents, furniture, and appliances need to be handled carefully. We have state of the art equipment & processes to fully restore salvageable contents.



Satellite radio, two-way radios, CB radios, and cell phones ensure that you have 24/7 access to your Speedy Restore Project Manager. Daily updates will be posted through our online portal for all interested parties.

Draw Request & Payments

To protect you, our invoices are delivered AFTER services are performed. Never before. So you get the opportunity to verify quality and quantity prior to payment. No request is made without a lien release in hand.

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